Dr.G | Launching Gowoonsesang EXpert… White Aura Line

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Today we’re gonna be sharing with you an exciting new beauty line from Dr.G! Remember we had blogged earlier that Dr.G IS A DOCTOR’s BRAND? Yea, it’s also ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR SKINCARE BRANDS IN KOREA! Imagine, one out of eight Korean women is a user of Dr.G’s products!

It’s summer now… okie, okie, this is Singapore, not Seoul… and we have summer practically all year round *sighs* So ’tis the season for suncare and whitening products. No better time than now to launch a whitening line, ya?

Gowoonsesang EXpert launches ‘White Aura Line’
Root Whitening… care from the root of your skin

Dr.G | Sa Sa

Gowoonsesang EXpert, the skin expert line of Gowoonsesang Cosmetics (CEO; Gun Young, Ahn), has made its official launch of ‘Root Whitening System’ – White Aura Line.

Newly launched Gowoonsesang EXpert ‘White Aura Line’ is renewed line of existing whitening line. The new line, based on total solution of Gowoonsesang skin experts, introduces new experience of White Aura through 3-step Root Whitening System – Step 1. Suppress the formation of melanin, step 2. Suppress the movement of melanin. and step 3. Suppress the coloring process of melanin.

The key ingredient of Gowoonsesang EXpert ‘White Aura Line’ is Cell-Light Complex which is a complex of α-Melight™ suppressing the composition of melanin, Cell Active White suppressing the movement of melanin, and Edelweiss extract which has an anti-oxidant effect. This Cell-Light Complex helps to present clearer and purer look of the complexion through 3-step concentrated melanin suppressing mechanism.

The full line-up of Gowoonsesang EXpert ‘White Aura Line’ is comprised of toner, serum, spot care, cream, and all approved by KFDA as whitening functional products.

Introduction of White Aura Line

White Aura Skin Lotion, Size: 140ml)

Dr.G | Sa Sa

A sub-acid whitening skin lotion that cares for melanin and dead skin cells which are a cause of dull skin after cleansing. Delivers an immediate improvement for dull skin, and it is a moisture rich lotion with excellent moisturizing to alleviate flaky dead skin and saves your skin from dryness to become clear and bright. Swiss White Lupines and Organic Edelweiss extracts give a clear and bright skin tone and relieve skin tension after cleansing.

White Aura Serum, Size: 30ml)

Dr.G | Sa Sa

A refreshing whitening gel essence with a light touch of moisture. Its Cell-Light Complex has a three-step melanin-blocking and whitening function, and its Niacin Amide promotes the separation of dead skin cells to lighten the melanin pigmentation to allow skin to become bright and clear from within. Its Peppermint and Rabdosia Rubescens extracts lend elasticity to sagging pores and balance skin tone for velvety moist skin with a dense texture.

White Aura Spot Cleaner, Size: 20ml)

Dr.G | Sa Sa

A spot cleaner to intensively care for small areas of pigmentation such as spots and freckles with Cell-Light Complex. Upon touch it is absorbed deeply into the skin, and thus it cares from deep within, removing aging cells and reducing the skin’s dark tone while increasing the skin’s white tone to make skin bright. Licorice extract and Gigawhite give consistent moisturizing and skin-soothing to make skin bright and moisturized.

White Aura Cream, Size: 50ml)

Dr.G | Sa Sa

A total whitening cream to obtain a gentle and firm skin texture through rich moisture management and to obtain a brighter skin tone with high intensity care for dark skin tones, freckles, and spots. Its Cell-Light Complex and Rabdosia Rubescens extracts suppress melanin pigmentation creation and relieve redness to obtain purer and clearer skin. Its Sunflower Seed extracts attach tightly to the skin to improve the tone of dull skin created due to lack of elasticity and provide skin a total whitening treatment.

Dr.G products are available exclusively at all Sa Sa stores in Singapore. And yea, do come on down to our Annyeong Seoul Korean Fair at Bukit Panjang Plaza before it ends on Sunday!

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