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For our first-ever Annyeong Seoul Korean fair, we’re delighted (and in fact, mighty grateful too!) that the Korean Tourism Organization (Singapore Office) is so supportive. I guess we all want more Singaporeans to know more about Korea and its culture and also be enticed enough to actually visit the country ^^

Kamsah hamnida, KTO!

Now some of you may already know that the Korean government is very keen to promote Korean tourism. It has tourism offices in most markets and from what we can see, they are one of the more aggressive, proactive and innovative groups around. On top of the usual traditional media channels, the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) is also actively going the online route. They use the new media extensively and engage the online influencers to help promote awareness and promote the love of and for Korea.

Singapore, too, has a Korean Tourism Office. Have you been there yet? It’s at Samsung Hub and it’s a fabulous resource centre if you need to do research for your trips to Korea. Not only that, there’re also a hundred and one different types of classes you can sign-up. What’s more, most of these classes are… (are you ready?)… FREE!

KTO | Singapore

You can click HERE for more information about the KTO office here in Singapore (they’ve called it Korea Plaza, btw…) or just follow KTO on FACEBOOK for the latest updates.

Tiffany had actually blogged about the Korea Plaza more than once. Click HERE to check out some of the pics taken of the lovely place, and then click HERE for the re-opening ceremony last September.

Incidentally, that re-opening ceremony of the KTO office was also to launch the WAH! Korea Club. This one, yours truly had blogged about it as well, keke! Read my blog post HERE.

KTO | SIngapore

What is WAH! Korea?

Ever since the screening of Korean Dramas in Singapore, it has ignited the passion of the locals for everything and anything related to Korea. Singaporeans, indeed, are embracing all aspects of Korea, from dramas to music, food, cosmetics as well as the language itself. As the base of “Korean Fans” has increased tremendously over the years, we would like to gather these passionate individuals and foster stronger bond to spread their interest for Korea.

WAH! Korea is a supporters club for Korea under the Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore Office) and member’s role is to help raise the awareness of Korea and its culture in Singapore.

KTO | SIngapore

Who can join WAH! Korea?

If you are a Singaporean/PR/other nationalities (residing in Singapore) and you love everything from Korean dramas, food to music, you are more than qualified to join our team!

How can I contribute to WAH! Korea?

WAH! Korea members are a pool of volunteer ambassadors for Korea Tourism Organization. Club members can contribute to WAH! Korea by supporting Korea Plaza activities and events and also promote Korea through online (eg. Facebook, Blogs etc) and offline channels (eg. Self initiated projects).

KTO | Singapore

What benefits do I get if I am a WAH! Korea member?

WAH! Korea members will be able to get priority placements for all Korea Plaza activities and events. Members also stand a chance to gain exclusive invitations to special events and Hallyu concerts/performances. All WAH! Korea members will also receive membership merchandise such as membership card and a T-shirt. WAH! Korea membership card holders also enjoy exclusive discounts offered by our official partners (eg. Korean restaurants, beauty & skincare shops, supermarkets etc ).

The WAH! Korea Member Reward System

In addition to the benefits for members listed above, all club members will be rewarded according to the total number of points accumulated in their membership card at the end of each year. Points are accumulated through the Points Accumulation System (PAS) which evaluates the participation of the all Members on an annual basis.

Members with the highest points accumulated in their membership cards will be rewarded with attractive prizes and may even win a chance for a trip to Korea. Members with active participation will also receive certificates at the end of an annual term.

How to sign up?

Click HERE to sign up online!

For more info on Wah! Korea Club, click HERE. Or follow them on FACEBOOK!