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Dr.G | It’s A Beautiful World

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Read my earlier post on DEMYSTIFYING THE BEAUTY OF KOREA? YAY! For our first-ever Annyeong Seoul Korean Fair, we’re delighted to have two very famous Korean beauty brands join us. We’ll be sharing more about these brands with you progressively.…

Dr.G | Newbies’ Guide to Cosmeceuticals

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This post was first published on the SA SA MALAYSIA BLOG. The Pink Peeps’ Guide to Cosmeceuticals Sa Sa Malaysia | September 20, 2010 Cosme… Cosme… Cosme what…? Have you guys heard of cosmeceutical skincare? Ever wondered what exactly it…

Demystifying The Beauty of Korea!


Nope, this post is not about how beautiful Korea is; I’m actually going to talk about what many of us non-Koreans are obsessed and baffled about: Why do Korean women have such beautiful skin that positively glows? Yes, heredity plays…