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Report from RazorTV

Annyeong Seoul Sticker

Should have done our make up properly….maybe should have asked Tony Moly or Sa Sa to do a make over for us. ^^ Anyway, here are the clips from RazorTV….  

Let’s Go Korea!

CTC, KTO Dream concert tour

For lovers of all things Korean…making a trip to Korea is on top of the ‘to-do-list’. This ‘task’ doesn’t get deleted even when one has been a number of times. There is a familiar warm feeling when you hear everyone…

Hollym | Window to Korea

Yes, You Can Learn Korean in 40 Minutes (N)

Our love for all things Korean has been growing over the years. From finding out about the must visit spots in Korea… to learning to cook that perfect kimchi-jjigae to understaning more about the land of the morning calm and…

Miss A – Singapore showcase

Miss A- A Class 2

tiffany | I tweeted about it on 30th June and it’s now confirmed officially, finally. Miss A will be staging their Singapore showcase on 30th September @ the Max Pavillion as announced by Alpha Entertainment. Frankly, I’m not too…

Alpha | Impressions of the Dreamers


This post first appeared on Seoul Rhythms on 16 December 2010. Seoul Rhythms was the official blogger for the first ever JYPE/ Alpha Entertainment audition in 2010. Unfortunately, I was away during the actual audition and bb covered the event…

안영 서울…. Annyeong Seoul

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My heart skips a beat whenever I hear the words, Seoul…Korea. I love the smell, the look and hearing everyone around me speaking in Korean despite the fact that I only understand a tiny fraction of it (thanks largely to…