Cooking with K- Art

Korean food is almost a staple diet amongst most Singaporeans now. Not only are there an abundance of Korean restaurants everywhere (from the big chains to the small family restaurants), Korean food stalls have also become common in all food courts.

And with this growing interest, Korean kitchen products have also taken off, first with Happycall pans and now with the range of products from K-Art. Known as Kitchen Art in Korea, this brand as been around for a long time and is familiar to all Koreans.

K-Art pot

Made out of maifen stone, this range K-Art products are non-stick and resists charring and conducts heat evenly. Although I have yet to try the products, I really like the light weight feel. For someone like me who aren’t great with cooking and often find the pans too heavy for me, I like the fact that I could handle the pans with ease.

K Art Induction pan

With the changing lifestyle of many families now, Hwa Hing Reading, the exclusive distributor for K-Art products in Singapore realises that many now uses induction cooker at home and have brought in the range for both conventional as well as induction cooker.

There will be daily demonstrations and samplings at their booth at the fair next week, so do check out the products there. Hwa Hing Trading is also the proud sponsor for Nicky’s cooking demonstrations over the weekend. You can find out more how she uses these pans to cook her favourite dishes like tteoboki and japchae.

K-Art range

Persoanlly though, I would prefer it if someone cooks for me. Hehe!


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5 Responses to Cooking with K- Art

  1. Richard Koh says:

    We bought a set of K Art pot from NTUC Singapore.
    It was fine initially but after using for about 6 months the internal coating started to peel.

    What should we do?

    Thank you.

    Richard Koh

  2. Merry says:

    I bought wok pan and k-art ladle on 16 January 2015 from NTUC AMK Hub and I used it for only 2 days but I realized 1 day later that the ladle became a bit melted even though I didn’t leave the ladle in the wok while cooking.It is the first time I bought a K-Art product and I thought I bought the right product but it’s been only 1 day and I have lost trust in this brand of products. But what should the company do? I am so disappointed because of this incident and hope the company can do something about it.

  3. annyeongseoul says:

    Hi Merry
    Annyeong Seoul is the website of a Korean Fair by the same name. It is not the distributor for K-Art. Please contact the company directly @ 62811198

  4. Donna Sea says:

    Hi, I bought the k~art product n was very happy with the non stick pan for the 1st 3 month. Initially the coat start to peel off… can you advise? Was very disappointed… is not cheap products and can be use less then 3 month… I have photos to show but can’t attach here…

  5. annyeongseoul says:

    Hi Donna

    As you can see my reply above to another reader, Annyeong Seoul is the website of a Korean Fair by the same name. It is not the distributor for K-Art. Please contact the company directly @ 62811198 if you have any queries for their products. Thank you.

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